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I recently had someone, who had not seen my images, ask me why I offer hair and make-up for my high school senior girl shoots. ‘Don’t you want them to look like themselves?’, they asked. Yes, I do. I want them to look exactly like themselves. I don’t require the girls to get it done. It’s just something that I offer. The hair and make-up that is done on my seniors is not overly done at all and in fact, a lot of girls have their hair and make-up look almost exactly like they would do it themselves. So why do I offer it to all my senior girls? Because of the experience. Not only is it just plain fun to have someone else do your hair and make-up, but you feel a little pampered. And who hasn’t left a salon feeling like a million bucks after getting your hair done? Now imagine that feeling and then going to get your photos taken. I bet you’d feel a lot more confident and excited about that shoot. And that’s why I offer it. Below are some recent shoots I’ve done with girls who had their hair and make-up done. I don’t think they look over done at all. In fact, I think they look very much like themselves.


I seriously have the best seniors ever! Jessica was so fun and super comfortable in front of the camera. Picking a few images for this blog was so hard but here are a few of my favs…

I’m dying over that hair curl!

  • Lourdes - What a fabulous job capturing her natural beauty!!! Stunning!August 21, 2012 – 12:08 pm


I am so excited for this post! I love all my senior sessions and have so much fun shooting every single one, but sometimes you work with someone and you just know that something special is happening. That was the case with Courtney. She was so natural in front of the camera and when you just let yourself ‘be’ in front of the camera and forget how silly you may feel, awesome things can happen. Here are my favs…

Below is my favorite image from the whole session so it needs to stand alone.


  • kristen - wow. and this girl isn’t a model, because…. why????????? GORGEOUS!!!!August 21, 2012 – 8:57 am