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I have been an editing machine!! Kristi and Lucas were just married this weekend and I’m so excited to be able to post their wedding today! I went to school with Lucas pretty much from second grade on. I love photographing my classmates weddings because it’s always so fun to see who they end up with! Kristi is so awesome and I’m so happy that Lucas found someone like her to spend the rest of his life with! Here are a few of my favs…

Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony Location: First Lutheran Church

Reception Location: Hilton Garden Inn

Bride’s Dress: Bridal Shop

Bridesmaid Dresses: Wedding Elegance

Groom/Groomsmen Tuxes: Bridal Shop

Flowers: Dalbol

Hair + Makeup: Adae Salon

Cake: Cashwise

DJ: Powerplay DJ

Oh how I love awards season!!! Tonight was the Emmys and while there certainly were some dresses that I loved, overall I was underwhelmed. Maybe it’ll get better at the Golden Globes.

Alexandra Breckenridge – I can’t even think of anything I’m so bored by this.

Allison Williams – I’m in love with the color! Just not super in love with the style but it’s not awful or anything.

Amanda Peet – I can’t help but love this. I don’t know why but I just really love it.

Amy Poehler – I think she looks amazing! While my friend Kyle thinks it’s not really appropriate for her but I think she looks pretty awesome.

Anna Chlumsky – Who knew that little girl from My Girl would turn into this! Love the dress, love the hair, love the makeup, love it all!

Ariel Winter – Super cute and age appropriate.

Ashley Judd – What….is….happening….here??!

Christina Hendricks – Okay, so we all know that Christina is extremely busty and I’m sure she has a hard time finding dresses that accommodate her amazing hour glass frame, but who on earth let her step out the way this dress fit on top? Awful.

Christine Baranski – Okay, she’s got some pretty amazing legs but she is 60. I don’t know if mini-skirts are still the best choice.

Claire Danes – I love the color I don’t like the fit. I know that she is pregnant but I feel like it should be tucked under the belly instead of on top. It just looks strange.

Connie Britton – The dress is pretty, not in love with the hair. It’s a little 1950s mom. Or like the mom from Wonder Years!!

Edie Falco – Holy crap does she look amazing!! I love everything!!!

Elizabeth Moss – I really like her new hair cut! Not in love with this dress.

Ellen and Portia – Do they really need last names? I like nothing in this picture. The jumpsuit on Portia? She looks like a robot or something. Not a fan.

Emily VanCamp – Didn’t love this on the red carpet but during the Emmys when she was presenting it looked a lot prettier. It just looks a little too old on her in this picture.

Ginnifer Goodwin – Amazing! Love her hair and makeup; the dress is out of control gorgeous! I feel like she almost always gets it right!

Giuliana Rancic – Super simple and pretty.

Glenn Close – Kinda bondage-y. Not sure I really like it on her.

Hayden Panettiere – I think this dress is soooo pretty. It’s interesting with the gold underneath the pretty blue overlay. It was different and stood out.

Heidi Klum – Well you could put a potato sack on her and she’d look amazing. Of course she looks gorgeous. Nothing bad to say about this.

Jane Krakowski – It sparkles so I like it!

Jane Levy – I like it in this picture but when she presented I didn’t love it. It’s a pretty classic shape that I think is really pretty.

January Jones – I kind of like the dress because I find it interesting and different but I didn’t love the severe hair and makeup. Neck down it’s pretty.

Jena Malone – She looks pretty great! The dress is a unique shape and look and I love the color.

Jessica Pare – Her hair and makeup are so pretty! The dress is simple but gorgeous!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – I love this dress on her. Super pretty. Did anyone else notice how the top of this dress, the bust part, was on just about every dress tonight? It worked on some people, and not so much on others. It works here.

Julianna Margulies – It looks like an old ladies couch.

Julianne Hough – From the neck down and the forehead up she looks amazing. The make-up…not loving it. It took me a moment to even realize who it was. The dress is amazing!

Julianne Moore – I love the color and I like everything except the middle part. It just looks kind of weird around her stomach but I like the rest of it. I really like the bottom.

Julia Ormand – Don’t like it. Any of it.

Julie Bowen – Personally my best dressed of the night. I love the color, the shape and the fit. I love it all!

Kat Dennings – Again with this top. I just don’t like it. I think it’s a hard kind of top to pull off if you have boobs at all. I also think all that ruching around her stomach makes her look thicker than she is.


Kate Mara – This dress was really pretty. I loved all the flower applique.

Kathy Griffin – I love her and think she looks pretty great. I feel like she improves every year.

Kelly Osbourne – Her body looks sick! I’m not sure how I feel about the lipstick but she looks good.

Kiernan Shipka – So cute!

Kristen Wiig – Gotta say, I love it. I wish my hair looked like that all the time.

Lena Dunham – I know she’s new to the red carpet scene and so there are some growing pains but this is just not cute. She has a normal persons body but this makes her look waaay bigger than she is. It also feels kind of juvenile to me. Like if she shrunk it in the wash, one of the little girls from Modern Family could wear it and it would be age appropriate.

Leslie Mann – Except for the jewelry, I love it!

Lindsay Pulsipher – I think this orange dress is soooooo pretty.

Lucy Liu – When she presented we got a better look at it and it looked like cds and speakers. I kind of like it for the structure of it but I don’t totally love it either.

Maria Menounos – It kind of looks like denim. I don’t hate it.

Mayim Bialik – I love the color. I know she is a fairly conservative Jew in terms of how much skin she shows which is why she likes to be covered up and I like it.

Mayra Veronica – I mean what is happening here. Gloves. Really? I like nothing about this look.

Melissa McCarthy – She looks gorgeous! I love the hair and makeup and the dress is pretty.

Nicole Kidman – This seems like a very Nicole Kidman dress and I really liked it! Very pretty!

Padma Lakshmi – Another woman who could wear a potato sack and look amazing! Love this color on her and the dress is gorgeous!

Sarah Hyland – Gorgeous.

Sarah Paulson – This dress is very pretty. My friend Kyle and I both agreed that Tina Fey should wear something more like this.

Shannon Woodward – Gold and sparkles? Love it!

Sofia Vergara – Of course she looks amazing but I feel like she wears the same thing all the time. Still it’s gorgeous!

Tina Fey – There’s nothing super awful with this outfit but there’s nothing that I love about it either. By the way, have you seen the Garnier commercial? What the hell is she wearing? It doesn’t look like anything she would ever wear. Very strange.

Zooey Deschanel – Again with that top. I just don’t like that top. I don’t think it’s flattering. Overall she looks really pretty and I like the color though!

So tell me what did you think of the Emmy red carpet this year! Who was your best and worst dressed?? Let me know in the comments below!

I’m so excited!!! I’ve been nominated for Best Photographer in High Plains Reader’s Best Bets again! I’m so honored to be nominated and would love to win again! Follow the link below to vote and be sure you vote for all of your other favorite local businesses! Show your love and vote by November 1st!!! Thanks!!!!

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  • Greta - Awesome pics can’t wait to see the restOctober 31, 2012 – 7:19 pm

I don’t know where to even start with Jenni and Michael. They are seriously the sweetest couple and are not afraid to show their love for each other, which makes photographing beautiful images of the two of them so fun and easy! They have some of the best and funniest friends on the planet and they made my second and I feel like we were just guests who happened to be taking pictures. It was an insanely great day and I’m so excited to show off some of my favorite images from their day! Check it out…

It was a pretty windy day!:)

Jenni & Michael had the best DJ! Everyone was on the dance floor the entire night and there are some good dancers in this group of family and friends!

Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony + Reception Location: Groom’s family lake home

Bride/Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridal Boutique in Woodbury, MN

Groom/Groomsmen Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Flowers: Claire Zoebl

Transportation: Silver Rolls Royce from in Burnsville, MN

Hair + Makeup: Urban Style Salon in Waite Park, MN

Cake: Cocoa + Fig in Minneapolis, MN

DJ: Flow Event Productions in Minneapolis, MN

Wedding Planner: Laurie Roufs

Caterer: Design Cuisine of Macy’s

Invites: Garon Kae Designs

Tent: Apres

  • Steph - Absolutely love the pictures! Such a beautiful bride!September 22, 2012 – 2:51 pm