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Well it’s day 8. The last day of wedding ideas is decor. There are so many things you can do, at tons of different price points to make your reception beautiful and stand-out. Check out a ton of ideas below!

These silver LOVE balloons are so cute. What a fun background for a head table! Found HERE.

Again, another fun balloon set-up. It’s kept elegant with just white balloons and these super large balloons are easy to get at Party America. Just be sure to have a few cars with you. They are HUGE!!:)Found HERE.

I love these trees made out of old books and magazines. Great for people who love literature and/or a holiday wedding! Found HERE.

Adorable little satchels made out of burlap where you can put little chocolates or treats for guests. Found via Pinterest.

A pretty and super simple way to dress up chairs. Found HERE.

These butterfly place cards are awesome! Found HERE.

This button garland is so cute! Found HERE.

White tents are used all the time. I think a clear tent would be amazing! And with tons of lights strung up to the ceiling, it would be stunning! Found via Pinterest.

The tree below has orchids hanging from it but I think a bunch of white carnations hanging would look just as beautiful! It would look like falling snow and would be great for a winter wedding. Found HERE.

How pretty is are all these banners and lights strung over everyone! Found via Pinterest.

I love the idea of having blankets laid out on a lawn for an outdoor wedding. Found HERE.

How beautiful are these flowers hanging form a chandelier?! Found HERE.

Adorable glitter hearts over the dessert table. Found HERE.

I think these mason jars half dipped in glitter would look so pretty with a candle inside of it. Found via Pinterest.

Take some glass milk jugs, add some raised lettering and spray paint gold. Adorable vases! Found HERE.

Some small flowers hanging from fishing wire over the dance floor. Gorgeous. Found HERE.

Instead of displaying your engagement photos and photos of parents and grandparents’ weddings on a table why not hang them by ribbon on a wall? Found HERE.

I LOVE this paper heart confetti! A past bride of mine had these scattered on tables and it was so cute! I think it would be great to have them thrown at you as you come down the aisle as well! Found HERE.

These hot air balloon centerpieces are awesome! Found HERE.

And how cute are these hot air balloon place settings? Adorable. Found HERE.

This hydrangea stuffed centerpiece that spills onto the floor is just spectacular! Found HERE.

I love rectangular tables at weddings. This one is insane but gorgeous! Found via Pinterest.

Another love sign above a sweetheart table. So cute. Found HERE.

This is such a cool mason jar chandelier. Another photograph of it is below. Found HERE.

Beautiful hanging votives. Found HERE.

Imagine having all of these jars set up outside. Lovely. Found HERE.

I love this ‘altar’. The kites and pinwheels and flowers are pretty and colorful. Found HERE.

A super simple thing is to get chinese lanterns of all the same color to hang at different heights from the ceiling. Found HERE.

We all made paper garlands like this in elementary school, but I think they may look super awesome in large amounts over a dance floor. Found via Pinterest.

How pretty are these hung parasols? I love all the different colors and patterns. Found HERE.

This ribbon or paper backdrop is super amazing and the texture is gorgeous. An amazing backdrop to get married in front of! Found HERE.

These ribbon centerpieces are so pretty. While it may incumber chatting across the table maybe it’s worth it for something so pretty!:)Found HERE.

I’m loving ribbon used as chair decoration. Add little signs to the bride and groom ones. Gorgeous. Found HERE and on Pinterest.

Ribbons hanging from trees!? This could be so pretty to get married in front of as well. Or, if you are having an outdoor wedding, how pretty would these be hanging from the trees surround your reception? Found via Pinterest.

Amazing, huge, fabric roses for chair decoration. Found HERE.

I love these signs! Super unique and different! Put your favorite sayings or quotes about love all around your reception. Such a cool idea! Found HERE.

These succulent trees are so neat. Could be a fun touch at a holiday wedding. Found HERE.

All time favorite!!! A clear tent with ribbon and lights up to the ceiling with spectacular bunches of flowers hanging from the center. I mean, how is that not amazing?! Found HERE.

This one is kind of interesting. Tea bags used to make a chandelier. Found HERE.

These flowers hanging in test tubes from the ceiling is so cool. I did something similar for a shoot a few summers ago with carnations. You can see the results HERE. This image is found HERE.

Tissue pom-poms are so fun and grouped in large bunches can be so pretty. Make them yourself or buy some off Etsy! Found HERE.

Very cool tree votive holders. The hearts are so cute! Found HERE.

I’m in LURVE (yes not just love but lurve) with this giant sign. Not only would it be cute to get married under, but it would also be great behind a head table or sweetheart table! Found HERE.

Yarn. So simple and yet so pretty. String different colors or your specific wedding colors between two poles and use as an unique backdrop to you bar or cake table! Found HERE.

Blow up a ballon and wrap it with yarn dipped in water downed Elmer’s glue. Hang and wait for it to dry. Then pop the balloon and you will have these awesome spheres. A cool and easy decoration! Found HERE.

Another simple decoration made from yarn. Found HERE.

For all of my wedding ideas posts, I found these ideas from Pinterest, and WeddingGawker. Check them all out and follow my boards on Pinterest! What amazing, unique or interesting decor have you seen at weddings? What did you do for your own wedding? Let me know in the comments below!


Day 7 of wedding ideas is all about the groom. Sometimes grooms want to have a huge say in the wedding details and sometimes they just want to be given a suit and told when to be where. Give your groom and groomsmen the opportunity to shine by personalizing their clothing! It can be easy to go with the standard black tux but why not try something a little different?! A bride buys a fancy dress for her day; a dress she will only wear once but a groom typically rents a tux or suit. Why not invest in a nicely tailored suit that will fit your groom perfectly and look amazing? It’s something he can actually wear on many occasions in the future and will get some use out of it.

How can you not love a bow tie with suspenders? Found HERE.

I love this brown (linen?) suit. Lightweight and super comfortable for an outdoor summer wedding. Found HERE.

Ah Darrin Criss. Love the below suits for an outdoor or casual wedding. And those shoes? Another great way for a guy to show off his personality. Found HERE.

I’m loving the sheen on the lapel on the bottom left and the printed shirt. Who says a groom or groomsmen shirts have to be only white? Give them some color and pattern to stand out! Very chic. Found HERE.

LOVE the giant bow-tie. For the stylish groom. Found HERE.

I love a three piece suit. I think the vest just really fancies up a suit. Found HERE.

Just a vest and some cute ties or bow-ties? Another nice way for the guys to stay cool and comfortable while still looking stylish. Found HERE.

How cute is this couple? I love the navy suit! I feel like navy isn’t used enough in suits. Found HERE. PS- Don’t you just love her veil?! Amazing.

Another great example of a navy suit. This one has a super preppy vibe with the orange and navy ties and striped shirts. Found HERE.

Plaid?! How have I never seen a plaid suit at a wedding? Loving this! Found HERE.

A seer-sucker striped suit, a checkered shirt and a plaid tie. Who would have thought they would all look so good together? Another one for the fashionable (and a bit quirky) groom! Found HERE.

Definitely go for patterned, real bow-ties. No clip-ons here! They are much easier to tie than you would think! Found HERE.

Boutonniere’s can be so fun. I love the berries in the one below. Found HERE.

Love the following two camera themed bouts! Found HERE.

I love the fabric flowers below and I like that the bouts and ties are all different. Found HERE.

A succulent bout is very unique and beautiful. Found HERE.

Another place a guy can be different is with his socks. Give the groom and all his groomsmen bright and different ones!

Love an argyle sock and comfortable shoes! Found HERE.

Cufflinks are also a way for the guys to express themselves. Instead of the standard flask grooms gift, give all the guys cuff-links that represent their personalities and the things they like. Found HERE.
For the Star Wars fan. Found HERE.
Super fancy, initial cuff links. Found HERE.
These are so cute! Found HERE.
My favorite place for suits and an awesome selection of ties and bow-ties is Straus Clothing. They actually taught me how to tie a bow-tie so they definitely know what they are talking about there!:)Have you seen any other great ways for the groom to express himself on the wedding day? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Day 6 of wedding ideas is hair. I always think that hair would be a really hard decision. I mean, there are so many choices and you never really know what may work with your hair or how you will actually look until you go to the salon and try it. And even then it may not look exactly how you thought it would. Below are some of my favorite looks for hair.

I like the height and the three wraps of ribbon in this first one. So beautiful. Found HERE.

I love the weaving and the low flower. Found HERE.

Beehive! So pretty! Found HERE.

I’m really loving the look of braids. I think this one with the bun on the end is so pretty. Found HERE.

I think this messy braid with ribbon or bits of fabric through it is so pretty and laid back. Found HERE.

This chignon is so stunning and elegant! Found HERE.

This one is my favorite!! A messy fishtail braid?! So stunning! Found HERE.

This one is so interesting to look at. It looks so complicated. Found on Pinterest.

This is a pretty and simple half up and down look. Found HERE.

This braided ‘do is pretty impressive. I love it! Found HERE.

Very simple, very pretty. Found on Pinterest.

I love this retro look. The curls are so pretty! Found HERE.

So pretty for short hair. A beautiful headpiece and waves. Love it. Found HERE.

So cute! Found HERE.

Another pretty look for shorter hair. Found HERE.

You can keep your hair super simple and just add a super cute and unique hairpiece. Found HERE.

Again, super simple and wavy with just an adorable headband. Found HERE.

Such a cool and unique way to braid your hair! I love the little pieces left dangling at the end. Found HERE.

This would be so pretty for a beach wedding. Waves and a low side pony. Found on Pinterest.

How cute are these tiny buns?! Love this! Don’t cover these up with a veil! Found on Pinterest.

I love this top knot! So different and, I think, stunning! Found HERE.

Yet another super pretty braid look. Found on Pinterest.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Any amazing hair you’ve seen at a wedding? How did you choose your style for your wedding?


Day 5 of wedding ideas is all things dresses and shoes! I am always excited to see what kind of dress my brides have chosen for their wedding day. I especially love it when a bride chooses something totally different then the normal strapless dress. There’s definitely nothing wrong with strapless (I have a few chosen below) but everyone has strapless dresses. I think Kate Middleton showed us all how amazing a non-strapless dress can be!

Bridal Gowns:

I thought this first dress was very classic, simple and pretty. Found HERE.

I love the clean lines and architectural feel of this next dress. Not to mention it has pockets. LOVE pockets in a wedding dress! Found HERE.

I’m dying over the backs of a bunch of dresses I have on this list. This lace back is so stunning. Your guests will see your back for a good portion of your ceremony. Might as well give them something super stunning to look at! Found HERE.

I mean, are you kidding me with the back of this dress?! Sooooo amazing! Found HERE.

I love, love the surprise fabric on the inside of this dress! Found HERE.

This dress looks so comfortable! Found HERE.

Love short wedding dresses. I love the detail on this dress and that it’s not white or even cream. Found HERE.

Sparkle and the amazing applique? Do I even need to explain myself on this one?! Found HERE.

Who says you can’t have a pink dress. Dying over the detail on this dress! Found HERE.

I love this shorter version of one above. Found HERE.

Anthropologie came out with a bridal line a while back and I’ve always loved this amazing dress. Found HERE.

I’m obsessed with all things J Crew on a normal day so of course I love their wedding dresses. I really love the one below. Found HERE.

This dress is so beautiful. It looks so comfy and would be perfect for a beach wedding! Found HERE.

For those who love poufy dresses, here’s a super pretty one! Found HERE.

So I found this site with a bunch of Jenny Packham dresses and I fell in love!! The following three were found HERE.

I have always loved this short dress! Found HERE.

Kate Moss’s wedding dress was stunning! Found HERE.

Super pretty and whispy. Found HERE.


Such a cute and pretty dress and of course, pockets sell me every time! Found HERE.

I’m so obsessed with this purple dress. I’m pretty sure it’s Vera Wang. Found HERE.

Love the cap sleeves! Found HERE.

Love a short lace dress! Found HERE.

I love how simple her dress is but that bib on top? Stunning!! Found HERE.


I love bright shoes! Love these ones. Found HERE.

Of course gold and sparkle are my fav! Found HERE.

Why not oxfords? How cute are these brown oxfords with this short lace dress? Love it. Found HERE.

And another oxford. Love the floral. It would be so pretty with your dress….and comfy! Found HERE.

How cute are these LOVE shoes? They are Christian Louboutin! Found HERE.

Another pair of adorable flats! Found HERE.

Gold, glitter AND ribbons?!! Perfect shoe. Found HERE.

Loving the large bows! Found HERE.

There is so much going on with this shoe but I think it’s so beautiful. Would work really nice with the dress above that is tied up in front by ribbon and has the other fabric on the inside. That is definitely a dress that must show off gorgeous shoes! Found HERE.

Bridesmaid Dresses:

This type of dress would flatter just about every single body type! Found HERE.

I know that tangerine tango is the color of the year but I’m loving goldenrod myself! Besides the color, I love all the different styles but they all work together really well! Found HERE.

The dresses are cute but I love the punch of color in the ribbon. Found HERE.

How stunning is this color?! Loving it! The style is also very flattering on all body types and I actually would want to wear this dress again! Found HERE.

A pretty, long dress with a flattering drape. Found HERE.

I love all of the muted colors and how they all go with each other but are totally different. Found HERE.

I adore the color of the below wedding. So vibrant! Found HERE.

Stunning and super unique!! Found HERE.

So what do you guys think of my choices?! Leave a comment below! I really want to hear your opinions!

  • Kristen - i LOVE these wedding posts! i actually wore one of the dresses above for my fall 2011 wedding. :) February 4, 2012 – 12:00 pm

  • Katie Lewis - Thanks Kristen, I’m glad you are enjoying them! Which of these dresses did you wear?!February 4, 2012 – 1:37 pm

  • Kristen - i wore the j. crew principessa dress, but mine was in silk instead of organza & lace. i also wore a veil from delphine manivet, which is what kate moss is wearing. :) it’s that french style veil and is absolutely gorgeous!February 6, 2012 – 10:29 am

  • Kristen - i wore the principessa dress from j.crew, but mine was silk, instead of the organza & lace! i also wore a veil from delphine manivet, which is what kate moss is wearing. i love the french-style veils! so gorgeous. :) February 6, 2012 – 10:32 am

  • Sarah - Hi Kristen (and Kate!)

    This may be out of left field but curious if you’d be looking to sell your used Principessa silk gown. I love it and it will be one of my two dresses (two ceremonies as I’m expecting this fall..eek!) please let me know either way as I’d appreciate it so much!

    Also love this style here. I’d been coveting all things Jenny Packham so you’ve got good taste :)

    Can be reached at Thanks!!!May 28, 2012 – 5:41 pm