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AHHHHH!!!! Lindsay and Tanner’s beautiful lakeside wedding has been published again! And this time in a stunning new regional magazine called Dainty Obsessions. It’s a really gorgeous magazine and I HIGHLY recommend picking one up if you are planning your wedding! It’s on the shelves at Barnes & Noble right now, so get over there and get a copy!!


I can’t believe that August is over! My last wedding of the month was with Stacey and Chris last weekend. They had such a great wedding and I loved the wedding party! So fun and entertaining! I loved the brides dress and the grey suits were such a nice touch. Here are a few of my favs…


A few weekends ago I headed to Lake Melissa near Detroit Lakes for Loni and Adam’s wedding. I LOVE outdoor weddings and I really love weddings on a lake! So if you are getting married outdoors next year, call me, maybe!:)Anyway, I love Loni and Adam. They are super awesome and so much fun! This wedding was also a little mini high school reunion for me because I graduated with Adam’s brother and cousin and Loni’s brother and sister-in-law! It was great to see all of them again. Here are a few of my favs…

A few weeks ago I posted a wedding where the officiant moved out of the way once they announced them married. I love that he did that because then it was just the bride and groom in the image for their first kiss. I talked about that in my post and Adam and Loni read it and told their officiant they wanted her to do the same! I’m glad they did that because their first kiss images are so pretty because it’s just the two of them!

How insanely AMAZING is this confetti walking down the aisle!??! It was seriously so cool!

Loved this quiet moment right after they walked down the aisle. Those are some of my favorite images at weddings.

Right after dinner I stole them away for a few more images. The image on the left is from my second shooter for the day and mine is on the right. Love both images so much!


I was SO pumped for Allison and Luke’s wedding a few weeks ago! Allison and Luke won my Wedding Photography Giveaway last year. I didn’t meet them until their engagement session and I just knew that their wedding day was going to be so amazing!! They are so super sweet together and just really nice, genuine people! I adore them, their families and their wedding party! Here are a few of my favs…

Super gorgeous flowers by Gloria at Hornbacher’s Osgood!

The Hilton Garden Inn looked amazing! If you want to transform your reception space and put your money into anything at the reception make it uplighting and linens. The uplighting just looks really expensive and changes the whole look of a hotel ballroom. It was gorgeous! I also LOVE when the cake is not set in front of a wall. I love the bokeh (the fuzziness) behind the cake and I think it makes the cake pictures so much more pretty when it’s not just shoved in front of a wall! Oh and the cake, by Fantasies in Frosting, was SO good! I gobbled mine up!

LOVED the sprig of lavender in with the menus!

The seating cards were propped up in a ton of lavender so I used it for my ring shot. I also took a little bit to put next to my bed!:)Been sleeping like a baby!

Do you see what I mean about the uplighting?! How gorgeous is that?! I love this so much more than just blackness behind them.


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