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For the second day of featured vendors I talked with the Plains Art Museum!! The Plains is an amazing wedding reception venue with incredible huge windows and lots of beautiful light. I love photographing there! Penny and Kaylyn are so super nice and helpful! The Plains has hosted Get Hitched for the last two years and we’ll hopefully be there again this fall! Check out my mini-interview below!

How long have you been in business?

The Museum opened the doors in October of 1997 and hosted the first wedding the very next spring.

What do you feel sets you apart from other venues in the local wedding industry?

The Museum is a one of a kind venue with both historic and contemporary charm that allows each couple the luxury of making the space their very own! With the multi-level spaces we are able to accommodate most larger receptions with ease and professionalism!

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry?

Experiencing the joy of the wedding couple as they celebrate and plan for their special day.

What current trend in weddings are you personally loving the most?

The new trend we are seeing here at the Museum is the shift towards the Autumn time of year for wedding receptions instead of during the humid, steamy summer months.

What type of clients do you typically find yourself working with?

Mostly educated, young professionals that are making their own decisions and are able to financially contribute to their receptions.

What should a bride and groom look for and consider when looking at venues?

Of course, there are the immediate thoughts that come to mind in choosing a venue like price, size, location, amenities, etc. However, beyond all of the givens, I think they should consider a venue that fits their personalities and very importantly be able to look back years later and feel they would choose the same venue over again!

Is there anything else we should know about your venue?

The sheer uniqueness of the Museum’s architecture will provide beautiful photography for your lifelong memories and photos that you will share with family and friends forever!


** Check back next Tuesday to learn more about videographer David Hastings!


Every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of March I will be featuring some of my favorite wedding vendors in the area. First up is Darla Julin from Fantasies in Frosting. I met Darla the first year I started my business when she approached me at a show and introduced herself. She was super nice and has always been super supportive of my business which I really appreciate. Also, her cakes are super gorgeous and extremely tasty which is super important for a wedding cake!! And cake is one of my most favorite parts of the day so I know my wedding cake! I asked her a few questions so check out what she had to say below!


How long have you been in business?

I have been in business since 1996 and in this retail location (207 17th St S, Moorhead) for 6 years.

What got you interested in starting your business?

I have always loved baking, even as a child. I would always watch the cake decorator at our local bakery decorate cakes and I could just sit there for hours! I was always fascinated by that. I also always wanted to be my own boss.

What do you feel sets you apart from other wedding cake decorators in the local wedding industry?

The premium ingredients we use in our products and our unique style of decorating. We use the best ingredients in our cakes; real butter, eggs and fine chocolate. I am a certified decorator, which means I had to take an eight hour practical test on doing many techniques correctly and in a timely manner. Not many decorators are certified. We only do a certain amount of wedding cakes per weekend so we can concentrate on all the find details.

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry?

Knowing we are a part of the brides very important day!

What current trend in wedding cakes are you personally loving the most?

Fondant cakes! Clean lines; nothing over the top, just simple but elegant designs.

What type of clients do you typically find yourself working with?

Brides and grooms that appreciate our cakes as works of art. They are willing to pay a little more for them because of the quality and look of our cakes.

What should a bride and groom look for and consider at a tasting before deciding on a cake or bakery?

How long has the bakery been in business and are they licensed are a good start. Do they offer multiple flavors and fillings? Also don’t buy solely on price. Cakes should be beautiful on the outside, and taste wonderful and delicious on the inside.

If you could only eat one type of wedding cake for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I’m not much of a cake eater! I’m around it all day so it isn’t very appealing to me anymore. But if I do eat cake, it has to be carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

What is the most unique cake you’ve ever designed?

Every cake is different so every cake is unique in some way or another. My favorite cake I designed was my sons wedding cake (the upper right image). My daughter-in-law had no idea what it looked like until she got to the reception. When she saw it, she cried with joy!

Is there anything else we should know about your business?

Not only do we do wedding cakes but we do cakes for all occasions; birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baptism, etc.

**Be sure to stop by on Thursday for another featured vendor: Plains Art Museum!


Well it’s day 8. The last day of wedding ideas is decor. There are so many things you can do, at tons of different price points to make your reception beautiful and stand-out. Check out a ton of ideas below!

These silver LOVE balloons are so cute. What a fun background for a head table! Found HERE.

Again, another fun balloon set-up. It’s kept elegant with just white balloons and these super large balloons are easy to get at Party America. Just be sure to have a few cars with you. They are HUGE!!:)Found HERE.

I love these trees made out of old books and magazines. Great for people who love literature and/or a holiday wedding! Found HERE.

Adorable little satchels made out of burlap where you can put little chocolates or treats for guests. Found via Pinterest.

A pretty and super simple way to dress up chairs. Found HERE.

These butterfly place cards are awesome! Found HERE.

This button garland is so cute! Found HERE.

White tents are used all the time. I think a clear tent would be amazing! And with tons of lights strung up to the ceiling, it would be stunning! Found via Pinterest.

The tree below has orchids hanging from it but I think a bunch of white carnations hanging would look just as beautiful! It would look like falling snow and would be great for a winter wedding. Found HERE.

How pretty is are all these banners and lights strung over everyone! Found via Pinterest.

I love the idea of having blankets laid out on a lawn for an outdoor wedding. Found HERE.

How beautiful are these flowers hanging form a chandelier?! Found HERE.

Adorable glitter hearts over the dessert table. Found HERE.

I think these mason jars half dipped in glitter would look so pretty with a candle inside of it. Found via Pinterest.

Take some glass milk jugs, add some raised lettering and spray paint gold. Adorable vases! Found HERE.

Some small flowers hanging from fishing wire over the dance floor. Gorgeous. Found HERE.

Instead of displaying your engagement photos and photos of parents and grandparents’ weddings on a table why not hang them by ribbon on a wall? Found HERE.

I LOVE this paper heart confetti! A past bride of mine had these scattered on tables and it was so cute! I think it would be great to have them thrown at you as you come down the aisle as well! Found HERE.

These hot air balloon centerpieces are awesome! Found HERE.

And how cute are these hot air balloon place settings? Adorable. Found HERE.

This hydrangea stuffed centerpiece that spills onto the floor is just spectacular! Found HERE.

I love rectangular tables at weddings. This one is insane but gorgeous! Found via Pinterest.

Another love sign above a sweetheart table. So cute. Found HERE.

This is such a cool mason jar chandelier. Another photograph of it is below. Found HERE.

Beautiful hanging votives. Found HERE.

Imagine having all of these jars set up outside. Lovely. Found HERE.

I love this ‘altar’. The kites and pinwheels and flowers are pretty and colorful. Found HERE.

A super simple thing is to get chinese lanterns of all the same color to hang at different heights from the ceiling. Found HERE.

We all made paper garlands like this in elementary school, but I think they may look super awesome in large amounts over a dance floor. Found via Pinterest.

How pretty are these hung parasols? I love all the different colors and patterns. Found HERE.

This ribbon or paper backdrop is super amazing and the texture is gorgeous. An amazing backdrop to get married in front of! Found HERE.

These ribbon centerpieces are so pretty. While it may incumber chatting across the table maybe it’s worth it for something so pretty!:)Found HERE.

I’m loving ribbon used as chair decoration. Add little signs to the bride and groom ones. Gorgeous. Found HERE and on Pinterest.

Ribbons hanging from trees!? This could be so pretty to get married in front of as well. Or, if you are having an outdoor wedding, how pretty would these be hanging from the trees surround your reception? Found via Pinterest.

Amazing, huge, fabric roses for chair decoration. Found HERE.

I love these signs! Super unique and different! Put your favorite sayings or quotes about love all around your reception. Such a cool idea! Found HERE.

These succulent trees are so neat. Could be a fun touch at a holiday wedding. Found HERE.

All time favorite!!! A clear tent with ribbon and lights up to the ceiling with spectacular bunches of flowers hanging from the center. I mean, how is that not amazing?! Found HERE.

This one is kind of interesting. Tea bags used to make a chandelier. Found HERE.

These flowers hanging in test tubes from the ceiling is so cool. I did something similar for a shoot a few summers ago with carnations. You can see the results HERE. This image is found HERE.

Tissue pom-poms are so fun and grouped in large bunches can be so pretty. Make them yourself or buy some off Etsy! Found HERE.

Very cool tree votive holders. The hearts are so cute! Found HERE.

I’m in LURVE (yes not just love but lurve) with this giant sign. Not only would it be cute to get married under, but it would also be great behind a head table or sweetheart table! Found HERE.

Yarn. So simple and yet so pretty. String different colors or your specific wedding colors between two poles and use as an unique backdrop to you bar or cake table! Found HERE.

Blow up a ballon and wrap it with yarn dipped in water downed Elmer’s glue. Hang and wait for it to dry. Then pop the balloon and you will have these awesome spheres. A cool and easy decoration! Found HERE.

Another simple decoration made from yarn. Found HERE.

For all of my wedding ideas posts, I found these ideas from Pinterest, and WeddingGawker. Check them all out and follow my boards on Pinterest! What amazing, unique or interesting decor have you seen at weddings? What did you do for your own wedding? Let me know in the comments below!


Day 7 of wedding ideas is all about the groom. Sometimes grooms want to have a huge say in the wedding details and sometimes they just want to be given a suit and told when to be where. Give your groom and groomsmen the opportunity to shine by personalizing their clothing! It can be easy to go with the standard black tux but why not try something a little different?! A bride buys a fancy dress for her day; a dress she will only wear once but a groom typically rents a tux or suit. Why not invest in a nicely tailored suit that will fit your groom perfectly and look amazing? It’s something he can actually wear on many occasions in the future and will get some use out of it.

How can you not love a bow tie with suspenders? Found HERE.

I love this brown (linen?) suit. Lightweight and super comfortable for an outdoor summer wedding. Found HERE.

Ah Darrin Criss. Love the below suits for an outdoor or casual wedding. And those shoes? Another great way for a guy to show off his personality. Found HERE.

I’m loving the sheen on the lapel on the bottom left and the printed shirt. Who says a groom or groomsmen shirts have to be only white? Give them some color and pattern to stand out! Very chic. Found HERE.

LOVE the giant bow-tie. For the stylish groom. Found HERE.

I love a three piece suit. I think the vest just really fancies up a suit. Found HERE.

Just a vest and some cute ties or bow-ties? Another nice way for the guys to stay cool and comfortable while still looking stylish. Found HERE.

How cute is this couple? I love the navy suit! I feel like navy isn’t used enough in suits. Found HERE. PS- Don’t you just love her veil?! Amazing.

Another great example of a navy suit. This one has a super preppy vibe with the orange and navy ties and striped shirts. Found HERE.

Plaid?! How have I never seen a plaid suit at a wedding? Loving this! Found HERE.

A seer-sucker striped suit, a checkered shirt and a plaid tie. Who would have thought they would all look so good together? Another one for the fashionable (and a bit quirky) groom! Found HERE.

Definitely go for patterned, real bow-ties. No clip-ons here! They are much easier to tie than you would think! Found HERE.

Boutonniere’s can be so fun. I love the berries in the one below. Found HERE.

Love the following two camera themed bouts! Found HERE.

I love the fabric flowers below and I like that the bouts and ties are all different. Found HERE.

A succulent bout is very unique and beautiful. Found HERE.

Another place a guy can be different is with his socks. Give the groom and all his groomsmen bright and different ones!

Love an argyle sock and comfortable shoes! Found HERE.

Cufflinks are also a way for the guys to express themselves. Instead of the standard flask grooms gift, give all the guys cuff-links that represent their personalities and the things they like. Found HERE.
For the Star Wars fan. Found HERE.
Super fancy, initial cuff links. Found HERE.
These are so cute! Found HERE.
My favorite place for suits and an awesome selection of ties and bow-ties is Straus Clothing. They actually taught me how to tie a bow-tie so they definitely know what they are talking about there!:)Have you seen any other great ways for the groom to express himself on the wedding day? Tell me about it in the comments below!