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Wedding Ideas: Hair

Day 6 of wedding ideas is hair. I always think that hair would be a really hard decision. I mean, there are so many choices and you never really know what may work with your hair or how you will actually look until you go to the salon and try it. And even then it may not look exactly how you thought it would. Below are some of my favorite looks for hair.

I like the height and the three wraps of ribbon in this first one. So beautiful. Found HERE.

I love the weaving and the low flower. Found HERE.

Beehive! So pretty! Found HERE.

I’m really loving the look of braids. I think this one with the bun on the end is so pretty. Found HERE.

I think this messy braid with ribbon or bits of fabric through it is so pretty and laid back. Found HERE.

This chignon is so stunning and elegant! Found HERE.

This one is my favorite!! A messy fishtail braid?! So stunning! Found HERE.

This one is so interesting to look at. It looks so complicated. Found on Pinterest.

This is a pretty and simple half up and down look. Found HERE.

This braided ‘do is pretty impressive. I love it! Found HERE.

Very simple, very pretty. Found on Pinterest.

I love this retro look. The curls are so pretty! Found HERE.

So pretty for short hair. A beautiful headpiece and waves. Love it. Found HERE.

So cute! Found HERE.

Another pretty look for shorter hair. Found HERE.

You can keep your hair super simple and just add a super cute and unique hairpiece. Found HERE.

Again, super simple and wavy with just an adorable headband. Found HERE.

Such a cool and unique way to braid your hair! I love the little pieces left dangling at the end. Found HERE.

This would be so pretty for a beach wedding. Waves and a low side pony. Found on Pinterest.

How cute are these tiny buns?! Love this! Don’t cover these up with a veil! Found on Pinterest.

I love this top knot! So different and, I think, stunning! Found HERE.

Yet another super pretty braid look. Found on Pinterest.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Any amazing hair you’ve seen at a wedding? How did you choose your style for your wedding?

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