Brick combination backdrops for photography( 4 backdrops in total ), 8’w X8’h ft(2.5×2.5m)


*Image shown is not to scale Abstract cold color combination backdrops Material: Microfiber cloth Size: 3’w x5’h ft (1×1.5m)? ? $80 8’w x8’h ft (2.5×2.5m)? ? ?$300 Including: blue texture, black-grey,dark purple,blue-green. For any qu

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*Image shown is not to scaleAbstract cold color combination backdropsMaterial: Microfiber clothSize:3’w x5’h ft (1×1.5m)? ? $80 8’w x8’h ft (2.5×2.5m)? ? ?$300Including: blue texture, black-grey,dark purple,blue-green.For any question, please contact