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2015 Wedding Giveaway Finalists!

We had a lot of amazing entries this year and it was very difficult to choose these finalists! Read through all of their stories below and at the very bottom vote for the couple who you think should win this years amazing giveaway. A HUGE thanks goes to all the amazing vendors who have contributed this year. Please go check them out and like them on Facebook! Fantasies in Frosting, Sadie’s Couture Floral & Event Styling, Blushed Airbrush Make-up and Tanning, Fate + Love Stationery, Fate + Love Photography and Adae Salon. Go HERE if you want to read about what is included this year. You can only vote once from each computer/device so feel free to vote from as many devices as you want and tell everyone you know to vote! The voting box will close on April 30th at midnight so start voting now!!



Couple’s Names: Andrea Luhman (26) + Brett Abrahamson (27)

Nominated by: Beth Evenstad



Wedding Date + Location: August 15th, 2015, Fargo, ND

How this couple met + their love story: 

Andrea and Brett met 5 years ago while they were in college in Moorhead, MN. They began to secretly date but being the nosey sister I am and with the magic of Facebook I figured it out very quickly! Soon after they began to date Andrea had to move to the cities to get her degree. During this time Brett finished school in Moorhead but got hired in Bismarck, ND. They were able to overcome the odds and made it through the long distance relationship. As soon as Andrea finished school she packed up her car (and her boots) and made the brave journey to Bismarck, ND.:)

Their proposal is definitely a memorable one. Brett took her on a romantic trip to Deadwood, SD. While they were sitting around their hotel room Brett asked her to grab his TUMS. When she got the TUMS she found the ring and he asked her to marry him. If you knew Brett this would only seem fitting:)

Why should people vote for this couple? 

Brett and Andrea are an amazing couple. They both put everyone else before themselves and work very hard. Andrea has really been missing her family here in Fargo. She deserves to have the most amazing wedding. They have both been raised by amazing parents that have taught them the value in hard work. They have both worked hard to support themselves and I would love for them to get something back…..even if they would never expect to.

I can’t wait to have Brett as a brother in law. He is one of those people that will always put a smile on your face. I love how quirky he is and how I know he would do anything for me and my family. He is such an amazing person it isn’t any surprise that he has more friends then anyone I’ve ever known! He is truly loved by everyone!
Not only do they deserve it but it would be the best wedding you have ever been to!

Couple’s Names: Ashley Aune (29) + Tyler Pawlowski (29)
Nominated by: Tiffany Cordell
ash & ty

Wedding Date + Location: May 9th, 2015 in Mayville, ND

How the couple met + their love story: 

Ashley and Tyler met around Christmas time a couple years ago.  They were both being the third wheel tagging along with friends to a dress up Christmas party.  Little did they know who they would meet that night both dressed as Buddy the elf!  They talked all night then exchanged numbers and quickly became really close.  When their love grew and it was time to get engaged, Tyler dusted off his buddy the elf costume.  Ashley who is a kindergarten teacher was walking home from work because Tyler who was suppose to pick her up “forgot” and was already at her house waiting for her to get done with school.  When she walked in after a long day she found Tyler dressed as an elf standing in the living room.  She thought that it was just Tyler being silly and trying to cheer her up after a long week at work! Then Ashley saw her Chiwawa dog Bella wearing her walking harness.  She bent down to take it off and saw a beautiful engagement ring.  When she turned around her very own Buddy the Elf was down on one knee waiting to ask her to marry him!

Why should people vote for this couple?

I think that my sister and Tyler are so deserving of this prize.  They both have been down a long in the roads to find each other.  My sister was engaged once before and she ended up calling off her wedding.  She was very crushed after this but it was just not meant to be. It took a while after this until she found Tyler.  I think that sometimes things work out for just the right reasons.  Ashley and Tyler really bring out the best in each other.  They have similar interests and silly personalities that help them laugh together everyday. Ashley has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember and as a sister its hard to give up some of that friendship when they find a soul mate. But Ashley and Tyler really display true love and I am SO happy that my sister found that in someone. I really look up to them as a couple!  Please consider them for your contest so you can also see how great they are!


Couple’s Names: Kirsten Mortenson (26) + Brandon Shimpa (24)

Nominated by: Brandon Shimpa



Wedding Date + Location: April 18th, 2015 in Moorhead, MN

How the couple met + their love story: 

Kirsten and I met thanks to my best friend Derrick Lewis. He and his now wife Megan were dating and Megan was roommates with Kirsten. I would see Kirsten occasionally when I would hang with Derrick. I would love looking at her in some of Megan’s Facebook pictures and always admired her from a far but not too creepily:)My first shot at getting her attention was one Monday night at Kroll’s Dinner for Shaky Mondays. My big plan was to secretly pay for her shake and tell her that we just had our first date and she didn’t even know it! That plan totally backfired when she partnered up with one of her girlfriends for the buy one get one shake and I was the odd man out. Finally on New Years of 2010 I got the courage to ask her out and the rest was history. Flash forward through four years of love and happiness to Key Largo, Florida this past March. I had to slip the ring into our jointly packed luggage and hide it all the way to Florida. My family and I were both working together to surprise Kirsten with a wedding proposal right on the Atlantic Ocean. After supper one night, my parents snuck out of the condo to place a long pathway of rose petals out to the end of a romantic sandy beach peninsula. My dad came back and told Kirsten and I that there was something my mom wanted to show us and that she was down the path way. There was no one at the end of the peninsula except for a giant red card made personally by me that said “Kirsten will you marry me?” and she said YES!

Why should people vote for this couple?

Kirsten means the world to me and I want her to have the wedding of a lifetime. Myself being a recent college graduate and buried under student debt has me worried that we may not accomplish everything we want to on our day of love. She has been brilliant with the wedding planning so far and I would be completely lost without her. I don’t think that this wedding could happen without her charm and creative ideas. If I could win this amazing prize package for her it would mean the world to me and to her. We could have the wedding of our dreams and share moments of a lifetime to all of our friends and family.


Couple’s Names: Samantha (23) + Mike (31)

Nominated by: Samantha



Wedding Date + Location: July 18th, 2015 in Detroit Lakes, MN

How the couple met + their love story: 

We met some time ago when i worked at a gas station in little Detroit Lakes. He thought i was sooo cute and wanted my number (he sent his friend in to ask me for it, I sent him back out with no number…and told him to grow a pair and come get it himself!!) Anyways… we saw each other one or two times. Nothing serious and it ended at that. October 2012, we came accross each other on facebook (cheesy, i know!) And started chatting a little again and decided to meet up and watch a football game. Well, sparks flew and we havent been apart since. About a month into it, we both poured our hearts out very nevously to eachother. We decided to move me and my son in with him and his son, so we lived in dilworth together for a while. March was extreamly exciting month for us…. I WAS PREGNANT!! We were thrilled, and a little nervous. Decided it was time to “get real” and settle down and buy a house big enough for our whole family. We settled in Lake Park MN, close to our familys. We had our little boy (yes, 3 boys!!!) In December of 2013. He has brought us together and helped our love grow even stronger!! On Valentines day (kinda, a couple hours before midnight) he poped the question!! Totally random, threw me for a loop! We tend to do that to eachother though lol. We were getting ready for bed, in our PJs, and i was just walking out of the bathroom and he grabbed my hand in the middle of the silent living room and got down on one knee. I instantly started crying, he was crying, i fell to my knees right along with him!! It was perfect. Maybe not the perfect way for everyone, but perfect for us. We sat in the middle of the living room for what felt like forever just holding eachother and taking in the moment.:)

Why should people vote for this couple?

I feel that we deserve this, because we work SO hard to take care of our family. Mike works as a drywaller in fargo, and i stay home with the kids (9, 4, 4mo). Having a couple less things to worry about would be amazing. His stress level is crazy high trying to figure out all the hours he has to work to pay for everything. And i hate him working late hours!! We always do our best to help everyone we can. Mike does little house fixes and helps out friends and family any time he can. He would always borrow a friend in need money, even if it was his last $5. I volunteer my spare time at the Becker County Sheriffs Dept as a licensed Deputy. And we recently took in a friend of ours that had no where to go, no job, nothing. So, that put a huge damper on our “savings plan” we had in place!! But, someone needs help, were the ones to do so. Never because we expect payback, gratification, reward, or a pat on the back. We do it because thats what we believe should be done. We want to make the world a better place, and the best way to do so is to teach our children to do right. What better way to teach it? We just live it, and let them know.


Couple’s Names: Alexis Stewart (22) + John Lund (21)

Nominated by: Alexis Stewart


Wedding Date + Location: August 15th, 2015 in Downtown Grand Forks

How the couple met + their love story: 

John and I met actually in the parking ramp in downtown Grand Forks.  We then got to talking and started walking which lead us to walking all around downtown and the surrounding areas.  We talked about everything and anything.  We then stopped at Red Pepper and talked on the steps of The Warehouse Apartments for easily 2 hours.  About 2 weeks later, John had to leave for college at the University of Northern Texas.  We talked every night.  On my 21st birthday, which wasOctober 17th, I flew down to Texas to spend my birthday with him where he made us an official couple.  He then came home for Christmas break and was set to fly back to Texas January 6th but as I was waiting in my car in the airport parking lot for him to take off, I got a call 13 minutes after they were suppose to be boarded asking me if I could come back inside.  He then told me he couldn’t be without me and that home is where ever I am.  We’ve been inseperable since.  He then proposed on May 15th, 2013.

Why should people vote for this couple? 

John and I really need this.  Currently, I’m a full-time employee at Altru and I work extremely hard at my career, which is being an Instructional Designer.  I’m also a full-time student and full-time mother while also being on the Board of Directors for the Circle of Friends Humane Society.  John is the Lab Manager at Eyemart Express and he works about 120+ hours every 2 weeks.  We’re so dedicated to our careers, school, the humane society and my daughter (his step daughter) that sometimes, we forget to treat ourselves.  Recently, to pay for the wedding, I got a second job which will constrict even more time away from each other but we’re trying so hard.  Throughout our whole entire relationship we’ve had to try for everything; with the long distance, to me being away for work at our 7 critical access hospitals, to working a second job, focusing on school, doing fundraisers and board meetings for the COF and my daughter; it’s just been extremely hard but yet, at the end of the day, it all comes together so effortlessly.  I’m struggling trying to pay for everything with the wedding because on top of the wedding, we’re also trying to buy a home.  I lost my step father to alcoholism about 3 years ago (he was the only father I ever had) and my mom is in and out of my life so I really don’t have the support team which has made those moments, like dress shopping, that are suppose to be super special but have turned out to be terrifyingly hard.  In all honesty, I’m kind of dreading the moment where the father is suppose to give the bride away or the father daughter dance; everytime I think about it, it really hits me hard because I know I won’t have those moments to cherish for the rest of my life.  It’s been kind of agonizing, especially since this is suppose to be the best time of my life planning for the wedding but it’s made it really hit home.  Plus, if only you knew John.  He is an angel.  He is an absolute Savior of all things precious in life.  It’s like he’s sees Gold in mud; he’s such a beautiful, kind hearted, love driven, most selfless individual I’ve ever met.  What a lot of people don’t know is his strength. He alone deserves this.  I hope someday you get to meet him because you’ll see why I consider myself so lucky.  We would be so appreciative.


Couple’s Names: Melissa Curfman (24) + Andre Miranda (32)

Nominated by: Melissa Curfman


Wedding Date + Location: July 18th, 2015 in Pelican Rapids, MN

How the couple met + their love story: 

Andre and I still can’t believe that we found each other.  Andre was born and raised in a town near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I was born and raised on a farm in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.  We met each other through a leadership course called Masters of Success at NDSU in the fall of 2011.  About a month later, we realized that we had been next door neighbors for 6 months and didn’t even know it! As we started getting to know one another we found out that even though we were from two different continents, we had a lot in common. In December 2011 we started dating.  For many months we had no idea what would happen to our relationship as Andre was scheduled to move back to Brazil at any point.  In May 2012 he received an agricultural internship in Iowa and was able to stay in the US until November, at which point he made the difficult decision to move back to Brazil without me.  After some soul searching and encouragement from friends, we decided to stay together.  Since then, I have visited Brazil 4 times (once as a complete birthday surprise) and met his family, who speak no English.

Andre proposed to me on December 22, 2013 in the US.  My mom, brother, Andre and I were opening our Christmas presents to each other.  As I opened my last present, I realized that it was made up of two small figurines – one little boy and one little girl.  The boy was on one knee holding a ring out to the girl.  The figurines looked just like Andre and I and he had had them custom made to resemble us in his hometown back in Brazil (and he held onto them in his lap the entire 10 hour plane ride from Brazil to the US for fear they would break!).  Andre got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, which I of course said yes to!
Two days later Andre and I were again opening presents with my dad and brother.  Andre told me that he had one last present for me.  I opened the large plastic bag to find a dozen roses – 11 red and 1 white.  I thought they were beautiful and instantly knew the meaning of the one white rose as Andre fondly calls me his “brancinha” which means “little white one” as my skin is so much lighter than his.  However, Andre told me to look at the white rose.  I did, not understanding.  He said no, look at the bottom of the white rose.  I pulled up the white rose and at the bottom was tied with a string a gorgeous yellow gold diamond engagement ring.
As Andre still lives in Brazil I will be moving to Brazil in June – just 2 months away!  We are very excited for our new adventure together as husband and wife.  Ours is truly an international love!:)

Why should people vote for this couple?

I feel that Andre and I deserve this prize as we have worked so hard to overcome our cultural challenges.  American and Brazilian cultures are very different, but we focus on pulling the best elements out of each culture and combining them to form our own.  In addition, hosting this international wedding will be quite expensive as we have many family and friends flying from Brazil (including us, the bride and groom) for our special day.  Not having to also worry about the cost of a photographer would be such a blessing!  I think that our marriage will always be an adventure as we will always be learning more about each other.  It would be amazing to have you as our photographer for the day our marriage begins!


Couple’s Names: Karen Trotter (22) + Alan Turnmire (24)

Nominated by: Karen Trotter


Wedding Date + Location: June 6th, 2015 in Fargo, ND

How the couple met + their love story: 

We first meet at his sister’s pool party when we both were in middle school. The first thing he ever said to me was “hey ladies look I have a third nipple.”

We did not keep in touch, but he came up as a recommendation on my Facebook and I saw that he was in Grand Forks same town I happened to be in at the time. He began to poke me on Facebook and eventually we began to talk again. After a month of talking we went on a date and have been happy together ever since. Our relationship has been through one deployment and most likely will be put through another one this fall before our wedding. My fiancé is truly my best friend.

Proposal: For months I had been telling Alan we should get photos taken. His coworker happened to be getting at of thee military and has been working on getting a portfolio started. I thought she had talked him into taking photos, but they were planning for months. We were taking photos and the photographer asked to take individual shots. I was oblivious when Alan came behind me and got down on one knee.

Why should people vote for this couple?

I’m still in school becoming an Elementary School teacher and my fiancé, Alan has been saving for our wedding day. Alan is currently serving in the Air Force in Grand Forks and always puts others before himself. Our budget is tight, but we are creative and a professional photographer is truly what we are missing in our wedding.


  • Crystal Piekarski - Brandon and Kristen I cannot wait until your wedding day!April 24, 2014 – 11:16 am

  • Erin - Hope the best for you guys. I love you bothApril 24, 2014 – 1:44 pm

  • Jessica Snyder - Good luck Karen!!!April 24, 2014 – 3:16 pm


2015 Wedding Giveaway!!

** This post will stay at the top until Tuesday, April 15th. New posts will be underneath this one.

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the photography giveaway and this year it is WAY more than just photography!! I’m so excited that there are other amazing businesses who are contributing their services or discounts on their services this year and you guys are definitely going to want to submit for this!

So how does this all work? Well it’s pretty simple. Anyone, anywhere can win this giveaway. The wedding does not have to take place, nor does the couple have to be from the Fargo-Moorhead area! The couple who wins this can be married anywhere in the world!! There are some stipulations though so be sure to read carefully!!

What you get…

1. Photography from Katie Lewis Photography, Inc. You will receive a one hour engagement session, 10 hours of wedding day coverage, 2nd shooter and a usb of images from both the wedding day and engagement session with printing rights. If your wedding is not located within one hour of Fargo-Moorhead, you will be responsible for travel costs. This is all subject to Katie’s availability and any prints + albums are additional.

2. Cinematography from Zach at Fate + Love Photography. You will receive $500 off any collection that you choose. The winner will be emailed a pricing guide for you to choose the collection you want. If your wedding is not located within one hour of Fargo-Moorhead, you will be responsible for travel costs. This could possibly be combined with Katie Lewis Photography travel fees. This is all subject to Zach’s availability.

3. Stationery from Haley at Fate + Love Stationery. You will receive $300 off the design fee for custom invitations OR 75 free invitations if you choose one from the pre-designed line. This can be used by a winner that lives anywhere.

4. Hair and Makeup from Adae Salon. The bride will receive free hair and makeup on her wedding day as long as four other members of her bridal party (bridesmaids, mother’s of bride and groom, etc) also book hair and makeup. If your wedding is not located within Fargo-Moorhead, you may be responsible for travel costs.

5. Spray Tan and Eyelash Extensions from Trista at Blushed. The bride will receive a free spray tan and eyelash extensions the week of her wedding. This can only be used by brides local to Fargo-Moorhead or who can travel to Trista for the tan and extensions.

6. Cake from Darla at Fantasies in Frosting. You will receive $100 off a wedding cake. There will be a limit on how far outside of Fargo-Moorhead they will deliver a cake. You may be responsible for travel costs and will have to discuss that in more detail with Darla.

7. Flowers from Sadie at Sadie’s Couture Floral & Event Styling. You will receive 20% off a wedding floral order. This is pending availability. You may be responsible for travel costs and will have to discuss that in more detail with Sadie.

So as you can see, this year is HUGE!! How do you win these amazing prizes and offers?! You can nominate yourself, co-workers, friends or family (they just need to be getting married in 2015)!! Nominations are due by April 15th, 2014 at 5pm. I will do an in person or FaceTime/Skype meeting with each nominated couple to get to know them better and hear about their plans. From that I will choose finalists and will then post them on my blog for a week, along with their stories and pictures. Then YOU, the readers of this blog, will get to choose the winner! So how do you nominate someone? All you need to do is email me at with the subject line ‘Giveaway’. The following information must to be included in the email (please write all of this in the body of the email and attach a photo – do not send me a pdf with the info and picture on it):

1. Couple’s name + attach a picture of the couple to the email

2. Ages of the couple

3. Wedding date (must be in 2015)

4. Couple’s phone + email

5. Nominator’s phone + email (if not nominating yourself)

6. How the couple met + the story of how they met and the proposal

7. Location of the wedding (city, state, country + venues)

8. Is there any special theme to their wedding day?

9. Why does the couple deserve this prize?

Terms + Conditions:

* Closing date for entries is April 15th, 2014 at 5pm.

* Winner will be announced April 30th, 2014.

* The winning wedding can take place anywhere in the world! Transportation costs and lodging for two photographers must be covered by the winners. Travel is included within one hour of Fargo-Moorhead. Some of the items/services given away may not be available for weddings taking place outside of Fargo-Moorhead. Please see the descriptions of the giveaways above for more information.

* 1 entry per couple

* Winners must allow their images and story to be featured on

Well that takes care of all the rules! Now let everyone know about this contest and enter yourself or someone else! Get nominating!!!!


Dainty Obsessions Veil Photo Shoot – Fargo Photographer

I love Dainty Obsessions magazine! If you are getting married or just love weddings you have to check it out. It’s a really stunning regional wedding magazine with gorgeous real weddings and some great styled shoots which can give you awesome ideas for your own wedding.  Last summer I photographed one of those fun styled shoots and it was all about unique veils. I was so excited because one of my shots became the cover of the magazine which was pretty amazing!! Check out some of my favorite images from that shoot!

1452403_583015508437543_1560815797_nKatie Lewis Photography, Inc.Katie Lewis Photography, Inc.Katie Lewis Photography, Inc.Katie Lewis Photography, Inc.Katie Lewis Photography, Inc.Katie Lewis Photography, Inc.Katie Lewis Photography, Inc.