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Wedding Ideas: Invitations + Save the Dates

Day 3 of wedding ideas is invitations and save the dates! There are so many unique and beautiful ways to set the stage for what you want your wedding to be like. Really the save the date and invitation is the amuse bouche for your wedding. Your guests get just a little taste of what to expect when they come to your wedding. You can have very traditional invites with details on when and where it will take place, or you can go more elaborate and have the invitation really talk about your journey together up to this point. Check out some beautiful examples below:

I love these airbrushed invites. Very simple but beautiful all along the sides. Found HERE.

Not only are these so colorful but I love that it tells the story of how they met. Even though you invite close friends and family there are still people who may not know the details of your life together. This is a great way to share that. Found HERE.

First, I love the calligraphy on the one below. Second, I love the carnival theme. That wedding will definitely be fun! Found HERE.

Below is actually a thank you card but I thought it would be really cute for an invite or save the date too. I’m a sucker for confetti. Found HERE.

These custom made invites are awesome and pretty! Found HERE.

Now this is unique! A decoder save the date! Super cute. Found HERE

These invitations are stunning! So delicate. Found HERE.

These next ones would be great for a vintage style wedding. You could pick up hankie’s second hand and iron on all the information. Definitely DIY but the results would be so pretty! Found HERE.

This next one is hand-painted. It’s so pretty I would want to frame it! Found HERE.

I love the kraft paper and the pop of red. Simple and cute. Found HERE.

I’m obsessed with kraft and chevron. I can’t get enough. I love how simple these invites are, the photo corners where you could put a variety of pictures in different invites and I love when people use multiple pretty stamps to send them. Found HERE.

I love the Love on these ones! Found HERE.

I think this is so cool. Have custom stamps made and stamp your own invitations. Custom stamps are pretty cheap so with a little time you can have lovely, hand-made invites. Found HERE.

This next one isn’t an invite but I love the idea of it. Leave these in your guests rooms or hand them out at the rehearsal dinner. Out of town guests now know where to get great coffee or fun things to do if they are sticking around for a bit after the wedding. A great way to introduce your guests to your home town! Found HERE.

Super cute and festive. I do love me some birds! 🙂 Found HERE.

Tying the knot. Literally. So neat! Found HERE.

How unique is this invitation? Found HERE.

I think these watercolor invites are so pretty. Found HERE.

These are wood invites. Pretty cool. I also love the little satchel that they are put in. Found HERE.

For an amazing local invitation designer check out Lindsay Arneson Creative. She’s a former bride of mine and she does amazing work. She also sells other items that you can use on your wedding day. Be sure to check out her site!

Are there any invites you love here? Let me know in the comments below!

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