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Wedding Ideas: Cakes + Desserts

Day 4 of wedding ideas is cakes and desserts. This is easily my favorite part of the day. I probably gained 10 pounds last wedding season from all the cake I ate! While I love the cake, there is always more that you can do for desserts for your guests. From cake pops to pies to macaroons, there’s something for everyone! So because I love the dessert portion of a day so much, get ready for a huge post!


Remember these balsa wood flowers from the flower post?! They look beautiful on a cake! Found HERE.

I adore this cascading flower. My bride Ashley from last year had a very similar beautiful cake. This one was found HERE.

How awesome is this chocolate glazed cake. It’s so pretty and looks mighty tasty! Found HERE.

What a great cake for the Christmas season! Found HERE.

I love this colorful design on this cake. Very pretty. Found HERE.

How awesome is this cake with this doily design? So pretty! Found HERE.

I love the muted colors and the lines. Found HERE.

I’m so obsessed with this gold cake. I mean OBSESSED! Found HERE.

I love the lines on this cake and the gradient. Found HERE.

A fun graffiti cake! Found HERE.

I love the simple grey base color and the ruffling is so amazing. It looks like fabric from a dress! Found HERE.

Wouldn’t it be fun to cut into your cake and have this in the middle?! Very cute! Found HERE.

I love this cake. It would be so cute for people who love words and books. Found HERE.

Another metallic cake. I just love these! I feel like light would bounce off them so beautifully! Found HERE.

Mini-cakes would be super cute to give to each guest. Found HERE.

Of course I’m loving chevron and I also love the frosting succulent. Found HERE.

This ombre cake is so pretty. I love the floral on the top and the ruffles, oh the ruffles. SO pretty! Found HERE.

It must take some serious skill to make all those little flowers! Found HERE.

Ruffles!! Loving them! I believe this one is on Sparkle and Hay blog. They are having some site issues right now so I can’t link.

Love the peachy color as well as the unique shaped tier on the bottom. Found HERE.

Very pretty and unique. I love the color and silver medallion on the front. Found HERE.

This stained glass hand-painted cake is pretty incredible. Found HERE.

Again ruffles. Clearly I can’t get enough! It looks like meringue. Yum! Found HERE.

I also love when people have their own cake stands. Here’s a beautiful one that you can have customized just for you! Found HERE.


Chocolate malt cupcakes. Would be cute for a carnival theme. Found HERE.

Love the little hearts on each cupcake. Found HERE.

This frosting is amazing! Found HERE.

I would go nuts if I saw these cupcakes! They look soooo tasty! Found HERE.

Love the curly-cues on these cupcakes! Found HERE.

This one would be so pretty for a winter wedding. Love the sparkles! Found on Sparkle & Hay but again, website is not up right now.

Pies: I think pies are highly underrated for a wedding dessert choice! I say, more pies in 2012!!

Loving these mini pies for each guest. I also love the ribbon and tag. Very cute. Found HERE.

Individual pies in a jar! I love this idea, especially the heart cut-out for the top. My grandmother and I attempted to make these for a shoot I did in 2010 with mild success. It’s tricky to get the right amount of filling without it being too much. Found HERE.

Pie pops! How awesome are these?! Love them! Found HERE.

Gorgeous pie table! Found HERE.

Pretty pies with pretty signs! Found HERE.

Alternative desserts:

Cheesecake bites!!! Found HERE.

I believe these are banana pudding with fruit. It would work well with so many different kinds of puddings. Love the jars. Found HERE.

Cupcake bites. Super cute. Found HERE.

Fruit tarts. So yummy! Found HERE.

Ice cream sandwiches!! Another Sparkle & Hay find.

Macaroons on a stick. Found HERE.

Poached pears. Found HERE.

Raspberry layer cake. That looks so delicious! Can’t find the link for this one.

Raspberry pavlova. Not only does that look amazing but it’s just plain beautiful too! Found HERE.

Red velvet whoopie pies! Red velvet is my FAVORITE! So cute! Found HERE.

Tiered sugar cookie wedding cakes. Very unique. Definitely something cute to give each guest. Found HERE.

Wedding cake pops. Super adorable and I love the little signs on the sticks! Found HERE.

And just a few examples of how to make your dessert table look amazing. If you are going to have a whole table full of delicious treats you might as well make it really stand out and look pretty!

This hot air balloon table is awesome! So cute! Found HERE.

Now this is an amazing candy bar! Found HERE.

Love the background on this one. You could get cheap fluffy streamers from a party store, paper or foam letters with glitter and easily make this! Found HERE.

Is there any thing else I should have included? Have you seen any awesome and super unique desserts for weddings?! Let me know in the comments below!

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